Welcome to Exalted Blood and Metal. The story takes places tens years after the table top adventures of the Perfect Circle, a band of Exalted whom waged war against the machine that which sought to wreck havoc across Creation. That Machine was never discovered as the group was buried alive in the south at Mount SunFall by the mysterious being known as Phalanx and the First and Foresaken Lion’s own captive, The Black Heron. Now 10 years later the world of Creation is in drastic change. From the Realm’s civil war breaking to full bloom, the Immaculate Order taking a stronger role in Creation and amongst the Dragon Blooded as a governing body and new leadership to the God’s staking claim to once banned areas of Creation. Even the Fair Folk test the boundaries of Creation with swift constant pressure applied to the defenses that hold Creation from the Wyld energies and an unknown force only rumored and hinted known as " The Machine". Since it’s discovery, the Machine has been behind some key insurrections in city states, amongst the wealthy families of An Teng and within the walls of the Realm with their motives unknown. All that is known is that Creation will never be the same during the ravaging civil unrest sweeping across the lands.What stories wil they speak of during this Time of Iron?

Exalted: Blood and Metal

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