Exalted: Blood and Metal

On Beaches of Blood

In sand and blood, exists something of the truth.

Storms of Echoes arrives at the port of Finreef (Of Coral Archipelago, Finreef is to the north. Siaka spirits are common near Finreef, and many humans have traces of God- Blood, with harsh gray skin, white teeth and small dark eyes.) with his crew after being chased by an Abyssal ship. As the ship awaits for clearance, the Death ship holds out at sea just outside the neutral zone. Meanwhile Scavenger Lord, Guildsman Belross has found the ancient artifacts knows as the Ocean Dead Scrolls.

Holding at sea, The Studious Walker of Water and Elegance knows the scrolls are on the shore and is sending his plan to recover something he has been dreaming for since he discovered their existence at sea at the edge of Creation.

The Dragon blooded have rescued fellow legionnaires from the waters after the deathship disabled their two vessels. Peleps Roth has gotten his crew back on hunting the ship that killed his house brother and their crew.



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