• Seth of Redthorne

    Seth of Redthorne

    Part of the Perfect Circle solars, Seth was discovered in the North recently with little memory of what happened to him as the decade passed.
  • Storm of Echoes

    Storm of Echoes

    Eclipse Caste Solar Exalt
  • Harmony Idol

    Harmony Idol

    Caste: Chosen of Serenity Origins: The Idealist and Researching of Legends
  • Hunter of Men

    Hunter of Men

    Well built scruffy man, whom wears numerous star necklaces and battle dress clothing with steel clasp wrapped boots.
  • Juno Sun

    Juno Sun

    Juno Sun posses a powerful presence and voice when angered or passion filled. He stands 5'11 and well built and wears strong leathers with accents of Orichalcum plating on boots and belt. He wears the Sword of Legends at all times and does keep well cloak
  • Master Oberon Sung

    Master Oberon Sung

    Oberon is an imposing figure wearing white robes that accents his lean dominate frame and presence. His hear is always slick back and rarely are his hands visible from behind his back.
  • Unnamed god

    Unnamed god

    This lithe framed god wears tattered robes and numerous jewelry of made from memories
  • Verona Vasher

    Verona Vasher

    lean, strong built man whom wears leather robes and studded gloves. He keeps a close shaved head and is never without his gold prayer beads.
  • Whisper


    Small athletic built and deep tan from the south. She stands only 4'11 and petite. She is often seen where form fitting pant with Legionnaire boots