Storm of Echoes

Eclipse Caste Solar Exalt


Storm of Echoes is a wanderer by nature, determined to travel both heaven and earth until he is able to bring balance to creation. He tries to use both logic and passion to lend power to his words, which are unparalleled when he has found something he sees worth fighting for. When words fail, he is always ready to stand and fight making all who rise against his sword regret nothing more than not choosing to listen when they still had the chance.


Storm of Echoes started life as a wanderer in the lands of the north, where he met and befriended a minor wind goddess near Cherak. The coalition of farmers from his village was dealing with failing crops and Storm needed to find a way to help them. In his interactions with the goddess, Storm began to believe that there was more to her than she let on. Storm made a bargain with her and stated that he could identify her true nature. If he was correct, she would use her powers to bring prosperity to the farming people of his village. If he was wrong, he would give his life to her in sacrifice. Accepting his offer, she was stunned when he identified her as the goddess of consequence. This event marked him, and the goddess was witness to his exaltation. She understood the importance of this event, and not only did she make good on her promise but made him another bargain. If he would allow her to rename him, she would give him two gifts. She recognized that he would cause ripples that would change the world and so named him Storm of Echoes, forever wiping his human name from the records of creation. His new name was a reflection of her nature, and as she was the goddess of consequence. With his new name, she gave him the gift of a steed named Wind-hoof and an orichalcum spear. Wind-hoof was the progeny of herself (in her guise as a wind goddess) and the god of horses, Blood-hoof. Wind-hoof would carry Storm to distant lands and would never tire and could run over water, allowing Storm of Echoes to bring his influence to all of creation.

So, Storm made his way to Nexus. With the help of his circle, Paramander Dai, and Davora Odum of the guild, Storm was able to establish the Dinar as a new universal form of currency. He created the calculations for conversion from all currencies, founded the international reserve and their establishment in all corners of the realm, and designed the hidden markers on the money to lend it celestial blessing. As a member of the reserve charter, Storm would gain a minute percentage of all money transfers, which made him and the other members wealthy beyond reason.

While working with Paramander Dai, in his travels to the north to gain the support of the Haslanti League, he saved her daughter which gained him her everlasting thanks and trust. This soon turned to love and the two married. In Port Calin, Storm found a manse tied to his first age self, Oda Goa, which contained armor, swords, and a history which tied house Paramander to him. Storm and Dai soon had a child of their own, which the Mask of Winters made claim to. Storm refused causing the Mask to remove his protection from Dai. Without the Mask’s aid, she began to age very rapidly and was dying. She informed Storm that she had been the matriarch of her house for many generations and that the Mask had been keeping her young in exchange for her first male child. He couldn’t watch her die, so Storm then used his abilities as an Eclipse to make a bargain with Seven Days Darkness to grant Dai godhood to save her life in return of a favor (which he still owes).

All of Storm’s actions had indeed created ripples, and these events had made him one of the most hunted men in all of creation. To protect him, members of the Gold Faction of Sidereals hid Storm of Echoes in Yu’Shan. Once there, they believed Storm to be under their control. However, he used this time to investigate the bureaucracy and make bargains of his own.

Storm of Echoes has awakened to find himself on a ship in the middle of the far west oceans. Over a hundred years have passed and he has no recollection as to why or how he has gotten there. His only clues are the fairfolk shackles that bound him and the necklace gripped in his hand. Paramander has remarried and disappeared, he has lost his armor, weapons and familiar, and now has to find out why the wheel has brought him over a hundred years into the future. What does fate have in store for him now?

Storm of Echoes

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