Dead Ocean Scrolls

A series of five scrolls wrapped in Soulsteel and Jade


This artifact is list of summoning incantations to summon anything that has perished at sea in its vicinity. From fallen ships, to dead massive dead underwater creatures, these Scrolls also have secrets of the ocean depths that have been hidden since the First Age. The scrolls were created by numerous powerful Twilight sorcerers whom tested the bounds of the Underworld. The most notable of the Twilight caste that has been recored in the scrolls is Valenquiss Inkari.


The Dead Ocean Scrolls were lost before the Usurpation as the Solar Deliberative decided the acts done by Valenquiss Inkari was a violation against Creation. He was hunted down by Voth Sun and his Circle in the far West where a great battle took place which left a hole in the ocean. In the end the Scrolls were lost at sea and have vanished never to be seen again.

Dead Ocean Scrolls

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