Exalted: Blood and Metal

Storm on the Horizon

From nightmares comes a ship name Despair

As Storm of Echoes meets Hunter of Men, whom has discovered his emergence into Creation, the Fair Folk ship known as Despair without Equal erupts from the depths of the ocean. Form the horizon Caption Harmen orders his crew to set full sail to put as much distance between them and the legendary ship by the Fair Folk. Unknown to both crew another ship is set to intercept them. Across the other seas in Creation, an undead vessel commanded by the Abyssal Darkest Hour is firing upon a Guild Treader ship with the young Twilight Theo onboard.
In the frozen north, Juno Sun packs injured Whisper up the cliffside of the Raken Mountain side and is suddenly attacked by Sasquatch type beast men. Harmony Idol and Sun battle the pack with an oncoming blizzard. After nearly falling off the mountain cliff from the elements, Lunar exalted Father of the Hungry Mountain, slams his mighty Moonsilver war hammer and collapses the entire cliffside sending Sun, Whisper and Idol plummeting to the bottom.
Seth of Redthorn and Orin Day take the remainder of the Guild caravan to the nearest guild controlled town. On their journey Seth is informed he has memories that are over 100 years old and more than likely those memories belonging to his former life. Galo leads to the town of Burspring which is left in ruins by an unknown attack. Everyone in the town has been savagely murdered and other left to the elements to freeze to death. As the three look over the massacre a barbarian party attacks them yelling out the words “Soughtafter”



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