Exalted: Blood and Metal

The Nine Awaiting

Why didn't we just kill them when we had the chance?

With Mother, giving out the coordinates of the Solar Theo on a boat, Verona has set in motion a Blue Kraken to attack the Lark Beauty, a vessel setting sail from the Blessed Isle carrying the lung Solar along with a powerful artifact With the Kraken savaging attacking the boat. Young Sidereal Downhour admits to Verona that she made a minor miscalcualtion when she read the Mother’s Loom and the Solar that was seen on a boat is the wrong one. The true target is in the far West, a distance that even a blue Kraken won’t survive the venture. Meanwhile Juno Sun, Whisper and Harmony Idoll travel to Widow’s Peak on the trail of recovering his memory. The township of Widow’s Peak has a powerful Fair Folk independent known as Fairest Dream who has a reputation for recovering lost memories through dream stealing. While traveling up the sheer mountain side a viscous blizzard strands the troupe on the side of the cliff face and a gust of wind forces Whisper to fall, seemingly killing her.

Seth continues to unravel the mystery that which is hime with the help of town elder Galo and mystery stranger Orin Day. The three are caught in the middle of a storm and looters when they traveled to a site where a Guild caravan was ambushed by Fair Folk only weeks before. In the battle Galo is injured and Seth discovers he may have been on this caravan.

Lastly Storm of Echoes is rescued in the far west drifting in the ocean waters at the edge of the border marches near the Wyld. After months of searching, Hunter of Men, a Lunar exalted has asked a ship to venture far past the safe waters to locate this Solar exalted. After gaining his faculties, Storm of Echoes is shocked when he is told he has been missing for nearly 100 years from Creation in the Wyld. Hunter of Men tells him he could be one of the “SoughtAfter” , a type of man whom the Fair Folkl will pay almost any price for. But in this case, Hunter of Men believes this time celestial forces could be at work.



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